Welcome to Dallas Skydive Center

skydiveWelcome to Dallas Skydive Center, the closest dropzone to Dallas! Whether it’s your first tandem jump, your 1000th jump, or you just want to watch people jump out of airplanes, this is the spot to do it.

Dallas Skydive Center is only 36 miles from Dallas. That makes us the best choice for skydiving in Dallas Fort Worth area.

As the closest skydiving center to Dallas and most of Fort Worth, DSC is the most convenient location to skydive in Dallas. You’ll see as far as Fort Worth on a clear day and the Dallas skyline on most days.

We know that picking out a skydiving center for your first jump is much more than choosing a closest location or cheapest price. It’s about safety. We are the only drop zone in DFW that utilizes the same tandem parachute rigs used by the US Special Forces and we have a drug free staff. We keep our instructors updated and retrained above the USPA requirements.

Dallas Skydive Center is the new home of Air Forest One, the fastest Cessna 182 jump plane in the U.S.!! You can make your first tandem skydive off a legendary jump plane and pilot. Forest McBride has over 32.000 jump flight hours and he holds the official Guinness word record of 357 flights in a single day. Skydivers come from all over just to log a parachute jump from the Air Forest One.

Tandem Skydiving

A tandem skydive is the most popular way to try skydiving for the first time. On this jump, you will be attached to one of our USPA certified tandem instructors. Experience the thrill of up to a full minute of free fall from 13,500 feet and enjoy the views of our beautiful Dallas skyline!!

Learn to Skydive

So, you want to be one of us? After your first tandem jump at Dallas Skydive Center you can enroll in our Accelerated Free Fall Program (AFF) to become a licensed skydiver. With just 25 jumps, you can skydive anywhere in the world.

Experienced Skydivers

Dallas Skydive Center has everything you want. A small USPA member dropzone with fast planes, full altitude jumps (up to 13,500 feet), friendly staff and a massive landing area. Come visit Dallas Skydive Center, Air Forest One is waiting for you!