About Us

Dallas Skydive Center is the closest dropzone to the Dallas Fort Worth, Rockwall, Garland and Greenville areas. Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for people to experience the thrill of human flight.

We are a proud member of the USPA (United States Parachute Association): The USPA is so important that the FAA delegated it as the oversight organization of the skydive industry. Making your first sky dive at DSC means that we have more rules to follow than a non USPA member dropzone. As we mentioned before, your safety is our #1 priority.

Here are some of the reasons that make Dallas Skydive Center your best choice:

Alpha and BravoOur fleet: We have 2 Super Cessna 182 airplanes available for use throughout the entire season.

Xray groundOur aircraft are capable of reaching 13,500 in 15 minutes. We can take up to 12 students per hour, and our airplanes are meticulously maintained according to the FAA standards.

Our skydiving equipment: We are the ONLY drop zone in the Dallas Fort Worth area utilizing the same tandem parachute system used by the US Special Forces (the Sigma Tandem System). These rigs are very expensive and can not be afforded by low budget operations. The higher cost of the system is due to the patented safety systems.

The Location: From 13,500 feet you will see the Dallas skyline, Rockwall, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Tawakoni, Greenville, and on a clear day, Fort Worth. We provide a massive open landing area…651 acres! There are plenty of places to relax and watch the skies, as well as spaces for camping and a fire pit. Our 3,600 sq/ft hangar has a padded packing area, a classroom with TV, vending machines and clean indoor bathrooms.

Our Staff: Our staff are handpicked, experienced instructors, chosen by our Chief Instructor Jimmy Mendonca (13,000+ sky dives, FAA certified parachute rigger and a Tandem Instructor Examiner). In addition, our staff is 100% drug free!!

Our Motto: Shut Up and Jump!!

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Year 2017